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Lossnay Air Conditioning

Home Ventilation System

The most effective and energy-efficient way to ventilate your home.

The Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery system sets a new standard in domestic ventilation by recovering heat from the air inside your home and transferring it to fresh, dry air introduced from outside.

  • Keeps your air fresh, clean and dry
  • Continuous circulation
  • Save on your heating bill
  • Revolutionary new system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comes with a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.
  • Free home consultation

We are the Master Agents for the Lossnay Air Conditioning System, so contact us now to see how this can improve your home.


Fresh Air Energy Recovery Video

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Ventilation systems do not create heat. During winter we recommend that Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilation is used in conjunction with a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump. This will ensure a complete home solution providing both fresh air and energy efficient heating.

Lossnay Air Conditioning System.

Air Conditioning System.

How Lossnay Works

1. The stale air found within your home is also known as Return Air (RA). This air can carry unhealthy levels of CO2, and is a common problem in airtight buildings. However, Return Air also contains energy that can be put to good use and shouldn't be wasted - which is often the case with common ventilation systems.

2. As the stale Return Air is removed, Lossnay's heat exchanger 'recovers' the useful energy within it. The remaining air is then exhausted (EA) outside along with other unwanted pollutants.

3. Next, Outdoor Air (OA) is introduced from outside to provide the freshest, cleanest air available. It is filtered, then passed through the Lossnay core - this allows it be pre-heated in winter (or precooled in summer) using the energy recovered from the Return Air.

4. Supply Air (SA) then enters your house as fresh, dry and mostly warm (or mostly cool) air.


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