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Fujitsu Heat Pumps

The Heat Pump Shop can install Fujitsu heat pumps for your home or business. Each heating system has different features and advantages depending on your own particular circumstances, which is why we recommend consulting with us first to get the right heating solution for you.


Wall Mounted Inverters

They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable to operation, and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.Fujitsu has three main products in the wall mounted range.

• Inverter Hi-Wall

• Inverter Hi-Wall with Plasma Filter

• Hi-Wall Fixed Speed


Fujitsu Wall Unit Heat Pump


Floor Console

Compact Floor Console

The Fujitsu Floor consoles are very efficient, quiet and elegant. They are designed for discreet floor installation, and can replace floor heating devices such as night storage heaters or wall heaters. The compact floor console is only 60cm high, yet is super quiet, with many convenient features.

• 5 STAR energy rated - economical operation
• Can be recessed if required
• Very compact outdoor unit
• Still provides heat when outside temp is -15°C



Compact Cassette Models

The Fujitsu compact cassette is elegant and compact, yet very efficient and very quiet.

The number of air outlets can be configured to be 3 or 4 way air distribution while the wire controller has included features such as
• Various timer set-up
• Weekly timer
• Set-back timer
• Built-in thermosensor
• Filter maintenance display
• Memory back up setting


The Fujitsu inverter cassette system.



The Fujitsu concealed ducted heating system.


Duct Fixed Speed

Whatever the shape of the room, ducted units help create uniform temperatures throughout. This unit is totally concealed, usually within a ceiling void. Cool or warm air is then ducted into each room through outlets positioned in the ceiling. Easily controlled, Fujitsu's ducted systems provide comfort throughout your home.


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