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Panasonic Heat Pumps

The Heat Pump Shop can install Panasonic heat pumps for your home or business. Each heating system has different features and advantages depending on your own particular circumstances, which is why we recommend consulting with us first to get the right heating solution for you.


Wall Mounted Inverters

The Panasonic wall mounted heat pumps have a number of features.

• Air Purifying System

• Air is monitored both during air conditioner operation and when it's switched off

• Inverter controller gives comfortable, economical air conditioning. 

• Power mode delivers a powerful blast of cool or warm air for faster comfort. 

• The indoor unit delivers whisper-quiet operation. 

• 24 Hour on/off Real Time Programmable Timer. 


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Panasonic Wall Unit Heat Pump


Floor Console

Panasonic Floor/Ceiling Unit

• Reverse Cycle
• Powerful heating and cooling capacity
• Energy Efficiency Rating 3.22
• Odour removing function

• 24 hour On & Off Real Setting Timer

• Quiet Mode

• Powerful Mode

• Soft Dry Operation


Compact Cassette Models


• Reverse Cycle model, powerful heating and high efficiency
• Cooling Capacity KW 4.1 KW ( 0.9 - 4.8 )
• Heating Capacity KW 5.1 KW ( 0.9 - 6.2 )
• COP ( Coefficient of Performance ) 2.88
• EER ( Energy Efficiency Rating ) 3.15


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Panosonic cassette system.


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