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The Heat Pump Shop's main product line is in heat pumps, which come in various forms, shapes and sizes.

Heat pumps are also known as inverters. Inverters work by controlling compressor rotation speed more precisely, and because of this inverter technology provides high speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings, and far less noise.

Heat pumps can be mounted on the floor, on your wall or in or hanging from the ceiling, and the various models provide differing airflows, so it pays to determine prior to purchase what is the best type of heat pump for you.

We service and supply the following brands
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  Mitsubishi Heat Pumps (Master Agents)

  Fujitsu Heat Pumps

  Panasonic Heat Pumps

  Multi site commercial heating systems

  Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders



Heat Pumps

Wall mounted Inverter


Mitsubishi Electric.       PanasonicFujitsu   



Swimming Pool Water Heating


Swim at night with your heat pumped pool.

So you need to heat your pool?

We can help you heat your swimming pool with a heat pump which is a very cost effective way to heat your pool.

Typical heat pump system for a swimming pool.

As well as having an easy to operate electronic controller, there are built in refrigeration and water flow safety switches, whisper quiet operating noise and the utilisation of the latest technology including Titanium tubing.

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The new range of Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers identifies the need to reduce the moisture content in your home to prevent condensation but also offers so much more. Why settle for just a Dehumidifier, when you can solve all of your moisture problems with the Mitsubishi Oasis Dehumidifier, Home Dryer.

However, all Heat Pumps provide Dehumidification for your room, however the function does not happen in all operation modes of your Heat Pump.

If you would like to Dehumidify your room you can select the Dry Mode on the Heat Pump. The room will be kept within approx 2 deg°C of the initial room temperature.

The Dry modes operates by cooling the indoor unit to gather moisture then warming the indoor to keep the room temperature warm. If you want to dehumidify your room in winter we suggest you warm it first. When you are dehumidifying in Dry Mode, it is more efficient in a warm room!

Oasis Dehumidifiers


Turn on the dry mode on your heat pump to dehumidify your room.


Air Curtains

Floor Mounted console


Mitsubishi Electric Air Curtains are the ideal way to give your premises or business a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while still being environmentally friendly by saving energy using this quiet, efficient and powerful system.

The machine can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the available space.

In a cold-storage facility without an air curtain, the inside temperature increases from -5 to +4ºC in as little as two minutes, but if an air curtain is used this time is extended to about 10 minutes, or approximately five times as us now to find out more




Jet Towel - click to see full process.The unique Mitsubishi Jet Towel is a market leader in aesthetics, efficiency and hygiene. The jet towel directs heat simultaneously onto both sides of the hands.

This is an environmentally friendly way to reduce waste and the disposal of paper towels as well as meeting strict hygiene regulations due to its non contact application.

Carefree maintenance as after installation the only cost is electricity. No need to remove hand rolls or paper towels.


Mitsubishi Jet Towels

Jet Towel.
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